ChPCUG Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

SIGs are created to allow members to share common interests in computer-related topics. A leader is chosen, the group is organized and sets its own meeting agenda. In the past, ChPCUG has formed SIGs to study various programming languages and applications.

SIG meetings consist of small group discussions, demonstrations, and the opportunity to share knowledge and skills related to a specific area.

Currently, we have three active SIGs.

Technology SIG
Mike Regimenti

SIG Chair:
Mike Regimenti

Meetings (7:00 PM)
First Wednesday of the Month (Sep- Jun)
Severn River Middle School Library

The Technology SIG (formerly known as the Internet SIG) meets monthly to discuss and demonstrate new hardware and software.
Among the topics discussed are: Internet related software and topics, cutting edge computer and peripheral hardware, OS (Operating System) software, security vulnerabilities and patches, Service Packs for OS's and other software. We will also discuss Virus threats, Worms and Trojan Horses and how to protect your system from these threats. Input and questions from members are encouraged.

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Computer Refurbishing SIG (CRSIG)
Fran Damratowski

SIG Chair:
Karl Richmond

Registered CRSIG volunteers meet each week during the day on Wednesdays and Thursdays (excluding holidays) at our workshop.
Contact Fran for more information.
- Workshop Phone (410) 923-1550

View Fran's COMCAST Newsmakers interview - HERE
View CRSIG Article in Spring'12 Issue of Suburban Scene - HERE
"Upgrade Your Computer Class" at the O'Malley Senior Center - PHOTO TOUR
"New" CRSIG Workshop - PHOTO TOUR

The Computer Refurbishing SIG was established in February 1999 for the purpose of refurbishing computers for those individuals, families, and nonprofit organizations unable to afford the purchase of a new computer. A modest donation is requested. Volunteers perform all refurbishing activities. The activities of the CRSIG promote computer literacy, challenge the digital divide, and enable recipients to have access to the vast storehouse of information available on the Internet.

Donations of computer equipment technology and their components are welcome from individuals, organizations, schools, businesses and government agencies. Written acknowledgments are provided. We are presently unable to accept printers, scanners, fax machines or non-working monitors, keyboards or mice. You may contact us at for information about computers that are accepted. We can also send you a list of other places that will accept your equipment.

In June 2005 the CRSIG celebrated the 1000th refurbished computer and the 250th given to a student at the Mills Parole Elementary School. As of September 2010, the CRSIG has now refurbished over 2000 computers.

CRSIG's 500

Members After 500th Computer Delivery

CRSIG 1000

Celebrating Delivery of Their 1,000th Computer

Well Done!